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We’re bringing some of DC’s greatest heroes to SKY 5, The Home of Heroes. So in return, we’re going to send them a couple of heroes of our own.

Tell us about a Homegrown hero you know and you could both be taking a “Deluxe Five-Hour Extended Tour” at Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood including a visit to the DC Universe – The Exhibit.

If you or someone you know is prone to action, adventure and heroic deeds, let us know below. Scroll down to check out some of the other entries.

Entries close Friday Feb 23. You must be a SKY customer to enter. You must be over 18 to enter. If travelling with a child, they must be 8 years or older to meet requirements for the studio tour. Entrants can nominate themselves.

Please upload an image of your real life hero!

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Some of our entries

When not in his mild mannered daytime disguise as a wonderful husband, father and accountant Kevin transforms into The Wizard. This superhero is able to work over 60 hours a week and still ask his wife every weekend what help she needs to make her life easier. No matter how busy or overloaded he is The Wizard waves his magic staff and makes the world of everyone he knows a better place. His ability to wield a deadly pun is legendary. His strengths are kindness, compassion and selflessness. His weakness is anything flavoured with aniseed.
My homegrown hero is my Mum. She is loving, helpful and very charitable. She constantly gives food, money and clothes to the homeless and also manages the Devonport Hospice Shop… While growing up, she created the haunted house at my primary school Halloween fair for 5 years!
Matt is my home grown hero because he is an absolute weapon in anything physical he throws himself at!! Whether it be moving his 6ft 7 frame in to a head stand, smashing out a trail run or getting amongst a boxing class he is a total homegrown hero.
My super human wife. Between running two early child centres and looking after 3 boys + me and in her last year of bachelor of early child hood degree is my superwomen.
I nominate my twinny twin twin sister, who literally saved my life by being my bone marrow donor when I had leukaemia. She gave up study for six months to be by my side through the treatment - 4 rounds of chemo and the transplant. I love her more than words can say.
Adam is a true home grown hero, he is strong, fast, handsome and has a massive heart. He also has an unusual affection for spandex.
I nominate both of my parents as they are both loving caring people not only for their own family but also others that need help, one time my dad went to Pak N Save and paid a womens entire grocery bill, she was sooo thankful :)
Our Home Grown Hero is my husband Clifford Welsh! Not only is he our very own Maori-Gyver doing repairs around home and our vehicles over the years, he is our go-to guy for electronic/IT issues, not to mention turning myself and our son (Master7) into super hero freaks too!
The home of Heroes Sky 5The home of Heroes Sky 5